Monday, October 2, 2017

Mothers Day 2017

One of my favorite Mothers day traditions is getting pictures with each of my kids! These sweet people are the reason I'm a mother and what makes my world go round and I love capturing our special relationships through the lens of a camera. Oh how I love this family of mine! 

Branson age 12

Harry age 9 (almost 10) 

Harry with his favorite baby brother! 

Jamis - Age 2

I love my babies kisses! 

Dawson - Age 8

Ady - Age 5 (almost 6) showing off the beautiful flowers she picked for me as well as a lovely card and present she made me. I sure do love all my kids homemade gifts! 

Orchids Adam bought for me for Mothers day! 

The flowers we gave to my Mom for Mothers day! 

My parents were able to join us for Mothers day dinner where I think Adam made us BBQ ribs, potatoes, corn on the cob, and all the fixins. It was definitely a delicious meal! 

How blessed I am to be a mother! 

Hot Tubbing at Grandma's

Ever since Adam's Dad passed away in December we have tried to go up and visit Adam's Mom as often as we can. Usually about once or twice a week. We love going up to see Grandma Mumsie and enjoy being able to help her during this hard transitional time in her life. But we are big proponents of work hard play hard, so after we help Grandma with the things she needs, we always make sure to have some fun too! And the hot tub is one of our faves! 

Playing Outside, Weird Rash, and The Elders Quorum BBQ

One of our favorite things to do during the Springtime is to go outside on nice sunny days for a picnic and play time. On this particular day Ady and Jamis had fun playing basketball and climbing trees. Adalynn is turning out to be quite the Tom boy in the way that she loves climbing, going fast, camping, and jetskiing, but she's also my girly girl who loves painting nails, having tea parties, and playing dress up. She's the best of both worlds and I just love her cute personality! Jamis is super fun right now too and is wanting to try and do everything, and in most cases he's pretty good at it. He was making baskets like crazy in this new Basketball hoop our neighbors passed down to us and loves just about any sport that involves a ball! :) 

Jamis in May also developed some weird rash on his hands where his hands got really red and blotchy and then peeled. I'm still not sure what it was but it eventually went away and no one else in the family got it, so at least it wasn't contagious! I felt bad for my little buddy though. :(

In May we also got to help with our wards Elders Quorum BBQ when the Elders Quorum President wasn't able to make it last minute. Adam was supposed to grill up hot dogs and hamburgers for the event but he was getting super stressed because he also had scout camp with Brans the night before and knew he'd be short on time. I ended up suggesting that he turn the BBQ into a picnic to simplify and just order sandwiches from Walmart. He ended up taking my advice and instead of buying and cutting and getting everything ready for hot dogs and hamburgers, and loading and unloading a grill into his truck, he instead just ordered several 2 foot sandwiches that came with everything all prepped and ready to go! Adam thought I was genius! ;) And I was glad to help lessen his stress. 
Unfortunately the weather ended up being a bit chilly, and not a lot of people came, but we had a great time with those who did! :) 

We sure do love the Johnson family! 

Tyrell & Libby Neilson

Branson's 12th "Water Wars" Birthday Party!

On May 19th my darling sweet baby boy turned 12 years old. I am still in complete shock that I have a TWEEN in my house! Where in the world did time go? 

We celebrated by letting Brans eat anything he wanted all day, and then had a fun "Water Wars" birthday party with his friends later that afternoon. For breakfast Brans chose breakfast burritos, lunch was pizza (for the party), and then Brans once again wanted me to make Fettucini Alfredo for his birthday dinner. He mixed things up a little bit this year though and did ask for "chocolate lava cake" for his birthday treat! Sooo yummy! 

For his birthday Branson asked for a new soccer ball, watch, fidget spinner, fidget spinner cube, and some books. I think he was pretty happy with his loot! :) 

Then around 10:30 am Branson's friends started arriving for his party. We ended up having the party almost 2 full weeks before his birthday on May 6th since Adam and I were going to be out of the country for Branson's real birthday. 

We had a really good turn out of friends, neighbors, and cousins come and support Brans! Some of which are hiding in the below picture! :)

Braden Kearns, Daxton Batty, and Jacey Muir.

Our first water game was the under over sponge game. 

The kids divided up into two teams and had to fill up the bucket on the end before the other team. 

But then the water games quickly escalated into a big giant water fight against Adam when I suggested to Myla Millet that she shoot Ad who was outside weeding the garden. I was impressed with how Adam held his own. And the kids had a ball trying to shoot him! He is such a great sport and Dad. Love him so much! 

Love this shot of Myla getting Adam right in the ear! ha ha! 

After the water wars the kids came inside where we sang to Branson, opened presents, and then had chocolate lava cake and ice cream. Lots of the kids stayed for a movie after the party too they were having so much fun. I think Branson was pretty happy with how his special day turned out! Happy Birthday bud! We love you! <3 p="">