Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter Baskets and Egg Hunts

After church the kids were super excited to go and find their Easter baskets, but we were mean parents and made them eat some lunch first. ;) Finally the time came and they were able to go on their search. Usually we let the littles go first, but Ady insisted that the older boys get to go first this year (how sweet) and so they did. Branson found his basket behind one of our paintings on the floor in our basement. 

Harry's basket ended up being hidden in the theater room closet! 

Dawson found his basket hanging upstairs in the bathroom shower! Each of the boys got a remote control car, a well as some Easter Candy. 

Adalynn's basket was hid in the mudroom on the shoe cabinet and under a black tarp. She ended up getting a new Marida Barbie and then also got playdough and candy. Jamis had gone down for his nap by this point and found his basket later in his froggy tent in his room. ;) He got a Teenage Mutan Ninja turtle stuffed animal and some playdough and candy. 

Then after playing with their new toys in their baskets (the remote control cars were a huge hit) we had an Easter Egg hunt at our house where the Easter bunny took our hard boiled eggs we had painted the day before and hid them all over our yard. Then we took our plastic eggs up to Grandma's later and he hid those up there too! So the kids got two egg hunts in one day! They were pretty happy kids! We also had a big nice Easter dinner up at Mumsie's as well. I brought a ham, and then did a bean salad, green beans, cantaloupe and pie, and then Mumsie did scalloped potatoes, hot cross buns, and a chocolate pie. It was a wonderful feast!

Jamis was the first to find all his eggs and then spent the rest of his time playing basketball! 

Adam was nice enough to help him reach the baskets! 

Sure was a wonderful Easter! The rest of the night Adam tried helping Mumsie put in a new microwave above her stove since her old one broke. However, as he was trying to remove the old microwave he kneeled onto the stove and ended up falling through the stoves glass surface which shattered it to pieces. Adam's leg was really cut up, but luckily didn't need stitches, but did require lots of band-aids. 

A look at the broken stove top. This was after I had taken most of the broken class out! 

Needless to say Adam had to take a few hours off to heal up before attempting it again and felt terrible to break Mumsie's stove (her furnace went out, then her microwave, and so breaking her stove was just one more thing that needed replacing. Geeze!) Mumsie was really sweet about it though and Adam had another glass surface ordered by the next day for her. So all is well. He even got her microwave put in after hours of fiddling around with it (the old one didn't want to come out!) and so we ended up staying until about 10pm trying to get it in. Adam's amazing though and eventually figured it out, and the kids were just thrilled to get to stay up late watching Moana! :) We sure are blessed to have Mumsie in our lives and loved getting to spend Easter with her! She is a gift and a blessing to us!:)  

Family Easter Pictures

As is tradition in our family, each Easter we try to take family pictures. It is the one time a year we make an extra special effort and I'm always glad we do because we usually don't end up getting any good family pictures in later. So at least I have my Easter pictures to see how our family is growing each year. One thing is for certain though, and that is how much I love each of these cuties of mine! I reflect often just how blessed I am to be a mother, and how amazing it is to be able to spend my everyday with these littles. They bring me so much joy and are truly where my greatest happiness lies. God has been so good to me. I have an amazing husband and absolutely precious and beautiful children! How I love them so! 

Dawson decided to play peek a boo in this one! Either that or Where's Dawson. Can you spot him? 

What a great blessing it is to have an eternal family! 

Easter Eggs and Kid Pics!

Easter is one of our favorite holidays! We love that it is focused on our Savior Jesus Christ and his resurrection. We love that because Christ lives and the tomb is empty that we can live again too. We love that because of Christ we can be a forever family and see our loved ones that have passed on again someday! The gift of the resurrection is one of our most cherished blessings and we are so grateful for our Savior. 

We also love the traditions that go along with this wonderful holiday and all the family time we get to spend together. On Saturday we were able to paint Easter eggs and the kids absolutely loved it! 

This year instead of putting egg dye in water or vinegar we tried a few new methods. One involved putting food coloring in with rice and shaking the egg inside. It made sort of a robin egg look. Another method involved soaking a paper towel in vinegar and then wrapping it around the egg and dropping food coloring onto the towel. That one was pretty cool too! And then our last method just involved painting the eggs with a paint brush and dye which got our creative juices flowing. In any case, I think we all had fun painting eggs! 

Sunday morning we had early 9 am church and since we were all gussied up anyway, I asked Adam if he would take a few pictures. I think you can see from the pictures below who his favorite subject was. Either that or Jamis was the most cooperative! ;) He does like his picture taken and asks us often to "get picture?" 

Ad even got a picture of me when I came out to tell everyone it was time to get in the car to go to church.